The Loyal Clown Jewels
John 3:16

The Loyal Clown Jewels is a booth at the Ohio Renaissance Festival that sells pottery and ceramic jewelry. All pottery is hand thrown and glazed at high temperature with food-safe lead-free glazes and is micro-wavable and machine washable. The jewelry is sculpted with a wide variety of unique patterns and colors.

Our booth at the Ohio Renaissance Festival

The pictures below show examples of some of the items we sell. To see an enlargement of any item, just click on the picture. After viewing the enlargent, hit the back button to see this page again.

Large Bowls


Hand Sculpted Earrings

Sculpted Face Mugs


Lidded Jars

Locket Pockets

We sell both large and small mugs. The sizes vary but the small are about coffee cup size and the large hold at least a can of pop or beer. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. All mugs are hand thrown on the wheel. The handles are hand pulled, (not extruded) and have thumb holders to make them easier to grip.

Small Mugs

Big Mugs